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The Best Places to go Sledding in NYC

The Best Places to go Sledding in NYC

Hey, New York... Winter is COMING. You could always stay inside, order Seamless, #netflixandchill solo... you could finally hop into that snuggie your aunt got for you for Christmas… but why let the storm win? Take advantage of the snow before it turns to icy blocks of what resembles giant grey lint. Hit the slopes with a sled, a garbage bag, a cafeteria tray! These are the best sledding spots in NYC.


Pilgrim Hill, Central Park

The city’s most famous sledding spot, and for good reason – its *central* location (I’ll stop now) and perfect slope make it a solid option for beginners and thrill-seekers alike. Head up, it gets crowded here, so tune up your slalom skills.



Cedar Hill, Central Park

A good, albeit tame alternative to Pilgrim Hill, Cedar Hill is always less crowded, and is the perfect spot for beginners or kids.



Fort Greene Park

A massive (by NYC standards, don’t get too excited) hill dominates this chill neighborhood spot. There are some smaller slopes too for those not quite ready to take the plunge.


Morningside Park

The go-to spot for Columbia kids and the rest of Harlem, Morningside Park offers up some pretty solid slopes.


Riverside Park

Riverside Park has a slope for every sled – benign hills can be found between 92nd and 103rd Streets, but the real action can be found at Hippo Playground (sounds quite daunting, doesn’t it) at 91st and Riverside Drive.


Owls Head Park

A hike for anyone who doesn’t live in Bay Ridge, but well worth the effort – Owls Head, known for slopes that’ll bring your ride to full-throttle, is the go-to spot for the most adventurous sledders of the city.

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