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Bring Your Camera: The Most Scenic Hikes in LA

Bring Your Camera: The Most Scenic Hikes in LA

I mean… you could hike just to hike. For the fresh air, exercise, to “escape it all”… but… if you wanna hike like you’re from LA, you hike for the GRAM. For the #VIEWS. Here’s a list of the most scenic hikes in LA… so scenic, your phone will most likely run out of battery in the first hour from all the snapchatting you’ll be tempted to do. 


Cucamonga Peak via Icehouse Canyon

This 12 mile hike is a steep hike up one of the tallest peaks in the San Gabriels. So not only will you get such a great workout you’ll be able to skip Equinox for a week… you’ll also get to take in some amazing views — there’s a small promontory that reveals quite a vista of LA from way, way, waaaay above. 


Escondido Falls

Malibu is full of incredible hikes, many offering breezy Pacific trails, allowing you to take in the west coast, best coast in all its glory. But the hike to Escondido Falls is pretty unique. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a National Park once you arrive at the legendary three-tier waterfall… the perfect place to take a dip after a sweaty hike. *cue Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls* 


Wisdom Tree

I personally can guarantee absolutely ZERO wisdom to be collected from this hike. But it’s a great addition to the Hollywood Sign hike, or on its own is pretty great. It’s a steep climb, but the views of LA get better and better as you ascend to the famed “Wisdom Tree”. Once you arrive, try your shot at gaining a bit of wisdom (again, no promises)… the only thing that is guaranteed is the amazing view of LA, including the Hollywood Sign from the side. (picture above is from this hike)


Charlie Turner Trail to Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park

There are truly hundreds of trails in Griffith, but honestly… some are much better than others. The Charlie Turner Trail is particularly breathtaking. The path begins at Griffith Observatory and leads up to a perch called Dante’s View at the summit of Mount Hollywood. The reward for gaining 500 feet of elevation is a dope view of Glendale and the San Gabriel Mountains. You’ll also be able to chill and have the chance to refuel at one of the picnic tables. It’s basically dinner and a show, except… lunch and a photogenic hike. 


Runyon Canyon

OBVIOUSLY. The top choice for bloggers, celebs, celeb-searchers, and shirtless dudes tryna pick up girls, Runyon is LA’s most popular place to hike, but for good reason. The panoramic views of the city at sunset are as good as it gets. 


Sara Wan Trail at Corral Canyon

Of course there’s another Malibu trail on the list. This is a good one for anyone looking for a relatively quick hike (it’s about an hour long hike) with the chance to see some pretty stunning views of the Pacific. 


Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City

Less of a hike, more of an uphill stroll in a park. But… it offers the chance to see an excellent view of Downtown LA. If you’re not much of a hiker, but still want the views… this is the place to do it. 


Echo Mountain in Via the San Merrill Trail

Known as one of LA’s best hikes, this Echo Mountain hike has been listed as one of the “10 Great North American Hikes” by USA Today and one of the “Top 45 hikes in the West” by Sunset Magazine. Not only are the views along the way stunning, but the six mile hike has an interesting history as well. The trail follows the old Mt Lowe railway route up to Echo Mountain, where you can see the old ruins of the Echo Mountain resort (spooky!). Don’t miss the extra extension on the trail to Inspiration Point… that’s where the real vistas can be found. 


Hollyridge Trail in Griffith Park to the Hollywood Sign

I’d be remiss to not include this iconic hike on the list… while there are plenty of ways to make the climb to the back of LA’s most iconic sign, the Hollyridge Trail offers some of the best views along the way. Starting in Griffith Park, take in the sign from afar as you inch closer and closer… there are plenty of excellent angles along the way… until you make it to the very top, right behind the sign itself! (for more on the best views of the sign… check this out).


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