kiki fox sunflowers
me feat. sunflowers

Hi hello. Welcome to Downtown Fox. My name is Kiki Fox. I live in New York… downtown. So, that’s where the name’s derived. Clever, huh?

I started Downtown Fox as an instagram account (@downtownfox, check it) about two years ago simply as a way to keep track of my favorite places while living in Paris. It was a secret account separate from my personal one, as I didn't want to bombard my friends with images of croissants every other day. (Yes... I ate a lot of croissants). As the account began to grow, I realized that I had something special. My secret personal instagram had become an address book of sorts for travelers visiting Paris. People wanted to know about the places to be, from the perspective of a local... or at least, as I was... a squatter.

I moved back to New York and wanted to keep the momentum going, so I expanded the reach of Downtown Fox. I began to cover New York, London, and other cities that I frequent. And then I launched a website! I've been told I have a knack for finding fun, local spots wherever I venture, mainly because I insist on copious amounts of research before traveling anywhere. Downtown Fox is where I share that research with you! So stick around, plan your next trip, or find a new place to visit in your own city. Am I missing something? Shoot me a tip on the contact page - I'm always open to a new find.    

Thanks for coming by.

x Kiki